Panorama: Tower Bridge & City Hall

Since the screen of my old camera somehow got crushed in my suitcase when I last travelled, I bought a brand new one since it was cheaper than fixing the old Canon.

The new toy - a Kodak if you're interested - has this cool feature where you can take up to three shots and the camera magically 'stitches' them together to create a panoramic image.  I'm pretty impressed at how easy it is to use.   Anyway, I've decided to take various panoramas of places I find interesting, wherever that may be.  And here's the première!

This photo takes in the historic Tower Bridge to the left, and the futuristic globe to the far right is City Hall, which is where the current Mayor of London is based.  The current mayor is the bumbling Boris Johnson.   Lets hope he only lasts one term.

I like this panoramic shot because it contrasts the past with the future, and is a lot like the rest of London, where modern, glass skyscrapers jostle for space among ancient buildings that are centuries old.

I didn't mean for the above to sound like a paragraph in a tourist guide.  Oh well.
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