Countdown to my trip

My big South American adventure begins with me taking off from London Heathrow, bound for Rio on the 3rd May.

I've already bought the travel guides, worked out a good idea of places I want to see, but wow, there is so much that needs to be done before I go! Things like finding a good deal on a backpack (and also deciding what size backpack is ideal), replacing my broken digital camera, buying travel insurance, figuring out where to leave all my stuff while I am away, the list goes on! Also Brazil particularly is such a MASSIVE country and I'm trying to work out how to fit in all I want to see there plus take in Argentina and possibly Uruguay (still undecided on the latter two).

Also, it doesn't help that I am temping for a charity here in London five (sometimes six) days a week, which only gives me about five Sundays to sort all of this out!

Some people said to me that I'll probably spend the first week of my trip lying on a beach somewhere exhausted, and trying to recoup my energy for the rest of the holiday....I can see that happening!
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First Post

First post on my blog.

Short and quick introduction. I have a very international background with a life that has spanned living in five countries in three countries over the twenty something years of my life.

I am about to go on a long trip to South America for my gap year. It's my first time there, obviously I'm pretty excited!

My blog will mostly be about my adventures there. Stay tuned..
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